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About Us

Unitech vision has been a trusted brand where not only we have the best quality but the latest art of design for different ophthalmic instrument. We have been in optical business for a long time and the foundation was laid in the year 1962.   We have the best manufacturing team which assures the quality of ophthalmic instruments, optical instruments, optical equipment and even vision treating equipment.  Many of the top renowned doctor’s have suggested Unitech vision when it comes to purchasing optical instruments or vision testing equipment. 

We have the best auto lens meter in house for automatic lens type detection. The auto lens meter features UV transmittance measurement, having Hartmann Sensor with 108 multiple measurement points.  All these equipments are manufactured with the set industry standards and even on specificity of client’s requirement.  The latest technique ensures measurement of cornea, iris and pupil size which is helpful in case of cataract patient to a great extent.

Sterility is a key issue in manufacturing and use of ophthalmic products where we have follow the latest regulatory rules for the safety and security of our patients.  More over for packaging we have our own team of packaging management which ensures proper package of all the materials which is delivered to the customer.

All the latest features which Unitech has today is because of our mentors Mr. Sabbir Hussain and Mr. Nasir Hussain. Their expertise in the world of ophthalmic equipments, ENT instruments and Hospital equipments has helped us to be at par with international standards and we highly appreciate their stay with us.